Gepostet: 05.04.2019

Ute Bescht | Bescht ART - Kunst & Design

MY PERSONAL WESTWOOD | Homo Superficialis | an artshow with a retrospective of my works.

Guiding:the lady of gentle unfaltering will to change things and fighting superficiality in mankind.

Her voice is the fashion - mine is the art .

Maybe one day we unite in the name of HUMANITY. Thank you , Vivienne , for being an inspiration! We keep on spreading our thoughts through the means of our passion - either shrill, soft, subtle,demanding, but yet faithful!

I also dedicate this art show to all lgbts & queers : Stay strong in this rough time! Stop anti-human state force in Bolsonaro's Brazil & Brunei`s Sharia!!Stop fanatism! And for all of us it is time to stand up for human rights! #stopbrunei #stopviolatinghumanright #EleNão #bedifferent
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